Autosave is currently unavailable

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Hi  I've got a user that keeps getting this message when she tries to turn on autosave.


I have compare settings in word to other users and they have the same version of office installed.  I have also set up a spare PC and she gets the same fault.


It's really odd because autosave DOES work if somebody else also has the document open, it only fails when she is the only person using it.


All the files are stored on SharePoint and are sync'd locally using the OneDrive program.


Autosave is turned on in word.


I have run out of ideas, I'm sure the user is breaking it somehow but I can't figure out what they done.



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When logged in as that user, go to File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Privacy Options and make sure that the box is checked at the bottom of the dialog for "Turn on all connected experiences".
Thanks for the reply Doug, I can't see that option, I can see Turn on other connected experiences and that is turned on. from it's description I think that is the same item you asked to check. Autosave still not working.

thanks again