Adding a second page to Avery Label template

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Hi Experts


I am trying to add a second page to this template:


However I try to add a page, the template boxes disappear off the first page, and appear on the second.


What I want is a 2-page document - 2 pages exactly like the template.


What I've tried:


Adding a page/page-break with Insert menu

Cut and paste the whole page

Put cursor in the last field, and press tab


In all cases the outcome is the same.


If anyone has an answer, I would be very pleased to hear it!





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In case anybody else is searching for this in the future, the best solution is to ignore the downloadable avery labels, and use the builtin labels feature, accessed by Mailings->Labels->Options. A lot of Avery labels are available in here. You don't get the nice rounded corners as you do with the downloadable templates, but alignment and ease of use is perfect.
Hi Peter Morris, First of all, create new blank word document and ctrl+enter for insert blank page, now go to your original file which has table. Now press ctrl+A, it will select entire page and then copy entire page. Paste in blank document which you were create earliar. Hope this will suffice. Afzal