A Page Randomly Become Invisible

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Hi, so I was doing my thesis and noticed my 2nd page somehow "gone". When I checked, it seems there is a section break on said page, but I can't do anything to it- I cant delete it, I can't even click or place my cursor there. When I try to view it in Draft mode, the pieces I've written are there, but it's completely invisible in print layout view.


Here's the Draft View

Screenshot (175).png


And here's the Print Layout View. It's completely blank and I totally can't click anything on that particular page.

Screenshot (176).png

Please help, it's so frustrating.

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hi @auliasa,


Here are a couple of things you can try.


1. Add a paragraph marker in the last paragraph, then insert the section break.


2. Or if you are using Header Styles, make sure each Header is expanded.  Click on the icon next to Header1. When the header is collapsed, the content is hidden. This behavior has happened to me on several occasions. 


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Section breaks behave very much like content. You should be able to click at the end of the text and then use the Delete key to remove the section break.


You'll need to display nonprinting marks. Draft view will often make the task easier, because you can more easily spot all section breaks (and manual line breaks).


Deleting may not work if the document is protected in some way. 


Auliasa, you may have inadvertently hit Ctrl + Shift + H to hide text in your document.

To unhide the text, complete the steps below.


1) Press Ctrl + A to select all content in your document.

2) From the Home tab and under the Font group, click on the icon in the bottom right corner, as shown in the image.


3) Make sure that the Hidden box is not checked, then press Ok.



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Hello @auliasa ,

I've seen cases like this before, usually with corrupted documents.


Try this: 

Stay in the Draft view and go to Find and Replace and search for section breaks. Once the search comes to the trouble ones, hit Replace (leave the Replace with field empty). I suspect you might actually need to delete all section breaks and reinsert them afterwards. 

Better yet: once you've replaced all section breaks, select the entire text without the last paragraph mark, copy it and paste it into a new document and reinsert the section breaks there. Get rid of the current document, as it may very well be a corrupted file.


Let me know if this works. If not, we'll try something else.