Windows 10 Clients stops reporting to WSUS Console

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Hello Team..

Some of the windows 10 clients stopped reporting to WSUS console..
If i rename the Software Distribution Folder and then force to report it will report back to WSUS console,but after a couple of days it will stop reporting ,again if i delete and Software Distribution Folder it will report back for a few days
and this keep happening ,This is happening for some of the clients

Please suggest..

Thanks and Regards

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make sure you have your SSL / TLS 1.2 config right there is an article on techcommunity that I have commented from the WSUS team

Thank you for your reply.. we have not enabled ssl on our WSUS..

The machines were never cloned... forgot to mention last time "these machines which are not status reporting will still download and install updates.." and in WSUS console the last contact time is up to date,but last status report time will not change and will show as stale after 7 days.. and if i removed the contents again this repeats..

Hi Joseph, is it possible for you to share WU logs or any other diagnostic information that could be useful from the affected device?

Feel free to use:

Also, can you share the exact steps which can be used to reproduce the issue?

@Ritvik_Raj hello.. will try that.. just to give an update we have observed on other clients where its working the folder C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\EventCache.v2 is having only 1 or 2 files but on the problematic once there are many and its not getting cleared or purged...


Client 1 is reporting to WSUS correctly and updating.. after 3-4 days will stop doing the status reporting..,even at this time it will download and install any new updates approved.. without reporting. to make the client 1 report back to WSUS delete the Software Distribution folder or Delete the contents of it.. it will do status report back after some time again after 2-4 days it will stop doing status report, we had already blocked access to update locations on the internet via GPO

Okay.. we would need the WU logs to comment further.

@Ritvik_Raj  can i share the logs with you..?  could you share your email?

I would recommend filing for a feedback under [Install and Update -> Downloading, Installing configuring Windows Update] via Feedback hub from the affected machine. That would be the right way to share the WU logs. You can also share the feedback link with me, I can help triage the issue.

As a work around, you can create a scheduled task via task scheduler on the client machine to execute "wuauclt /ReportNow" to initiate reporting.

Have already tried that command.. did not help when it stops reporting.. initially after clearing the Software Distribution folder and then doing this command helps in reporting to the console.. once it stops reporting then this command does not help.. also like i  told before the contents of the folder-C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\EventCache.v2 keeps accumulating on problematic machines and it does not clear.. where as on perfectly working machines it will be either empty or max 1 file..

Have submitted the logs via feedback.. as recommended..
hello Ritvik have you received any update?