Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019 is live on the Microsoft Evaluation Center!!

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@Mary Hoffman 

Thanks for making that available. I guess all of us have been waiting for it.

I downloaded and tried to upgrade a virtual machine that isrunning a Hyper-V 2019 1809. First I encountered an 0xC1900101 - 0x20017 but that disappeared after increasing memory allocation (install could check for that). After increasing memory, setup proceeded, but then stopped with 0x80070490 -0x2000e "The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during SET_PRODUCT_KEY operation).

Any idea what I can try?

I also want to upgrade a physical host - the VM was just to get experience first..

Thanks Joachim

We have never supported in-place upgrade with the stand alone Hyper-V server.  Do you see any issues when performing a clean installation? @joachiml 

@Ben Armstrong 

Hi Ben,

I do. Even running just virtual machines, the host needs configuration, ranging from bitlocker, domain join, backup, etc.. Some 3rd party software ties into the installation without import/export capabilities.

I definitely appreciate upgrade support, in particular as frequency increases..

Thanks, Joachim

@Mary Hoffman

Hi. I'm sorry, but this is confusing. You see, I've possessed a copy of Hyper-V 2019 for a long time. Downloaded it from Microsoft too. So, what are you saying here exactly? Are you announcing a new version? Or are you announcing the availability six months late?

@joachiml We had same exact issue doing an in place upgrade.  In place upgrades have always worked very well in previous versions of Hyper-V.  We never do it in production but always worked very well in testing.

@MasterMysterious It was live very briefly last fall and recalled due to issues discovered after release,  issues that could not be serviced. You should replace the version you have with the one just released as it addresses those issues.

@Mary Hoffman 

That's probably a couple of gigabytes of download and a whole re-installation. Isn't it possible to just fix what I have with an update or service pack?

Also, what issues? Since I have installed the problematic release, have I been losing data or doing something damaging to myself without knowing?

Hi Mary,

I am aware of KB4489899, and installed it on two systems, one pulling upgrades, the other does not. I was hoping the re-release is now a stable path forward. 

I am willing to accept manual workarounds, but in essence I am hoping for an upgrade path rather than clean installs. Whether the upgrade updates only what changed, or replaces everything but preserves my app installs and configuration - I don´t really care.

Thanks, Joachim


@Mary Hoffman 


We use the initial version of Hyper-V server since February 2019. It updates trough an WSUS without any issue. I notice that the memory leak in the storage pool is solved since the update 2019-06.


Now I have download and install the "newest" version of the Hyper-V Server 2019.


When I compare the version info of the initial release (now full patched) and the "newest" Hyper-V Server 2019 I see the same version (10.0.17763.557).


Not sure, but I think it's not necessary reinstall it.

@Thomas Heuberger  If you have the same minor build number then you're probably fine. 

Well, thanks for your comprehensive answer, Thomas Heuberger. That was everything I needed to know. You even included the build number!

@Mary Hoffman 


thanks for your message.

Finally !

@Mary Hoffman 

Hello Mary,

I've downloaded 17763.557.190612-0019.rs5_release_svc_refresh_SERVERHYPERCORE_OEM_x64FRE_de-de.iso from the Eval center site.

I have running Hyper-V 2016 and want to update in-place.

The update finally fails with error 0x80070490 - 0x2000E: 

"The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during SET_Product_Key operation"

From setupact.log:

2019-06-29 01:08:28, Error DISM DISM Transmog Provider: PID=1360 TID=1388 Unable to retrieve pkey info; hr = 0x80070490 - CTransmogManager::InitializeProductKey
2019-06-29 01:08:28, Error DISM DISM Transmog Provider: PID=1360 TID=1388 [Product Key wird festgelegt]: Der angegebene Product Key konnte nicht überprüft werden.
Stellen Sie sicher, dass der angegebene Product Key gültig ist und der Zieledition entspricht.
[hrError=0x80070490] - CTransmogManager::EventError"

The highlighted part means: "The specified Product key could not be verified"

Since Hyper-V has no Product key might this be the cause?

How can I get this fixed?



@Hermann1235 Hyper-V upgrade is not officially supported. Have you tried a clean install? 

@Mary Hoffman 

I haven't tried a clean install because it's my only one Hyper-V. So I cannot move VM and It's a lot of effort to reconfigure the server in a short time slot.

It seems the upgrade process is aware of in-place upgrade because and offer preserving existing data and also complain if VMs are running.

Also others mention that it finished successfully in prior versions.


@Mary Hoffman @Ben Armstrong 

I think it is obvious that upgrade capabilities for Hyper-V make a lot of sense and there is a lot of interest in it. I really hope upgrade is considered for the next release.

Thanks, Joachim

Every past version did inplace upgrades just fine. This is just a broken image it feels like. If inplace upgrades were not supported the image should tell you in the beginning of the install...



Hyper-V Server upgrades aren't officially supported (nor has the validation of upgrades of various configurations of Hyper-V Server).  I can put this on the potential feature list for future versions, but I do want to be clear that this isn't supported.