[ISSUE] b20262 Hyper-V MMC havoc after IPU from b20257

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affected build: b20262

previous build without issues: b20257

upgrade method: setup /auto upgrade /dynamicupdate enable


After opening the Hyper-V MMC I saw one duplicate of each VMs with a critical saved issue.

The VMs were set to saved before the IPU (of course). This is the first build where this is happening since the first LTSC vServer Next version.


Closing and opening again some more duplicate appeared.

The saved VMs are fine though (thankfully).





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Dear @Elden Christensen are there other reports like this? 

Upgraded to b20270 but this will not revert the issue.



best response confirmed by K_Wester-Ebbinghaus (Super Contributor)

good news: b20282 does allow to delete the orphans in Hyper-V MMC