failover cluster live migration suspend VM and reboot

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Microsoft windows 2019 cluster - 4 HV nodes + 2 Datacore nodes - 5 configured volumes.

when I pause a node for maintenance and I do live migration sometimes it happens on random VMs that go into sleep and restart:



in the node I find this event:

"Error of cluster resource 'XXXXX' of type 'Virtual Machine' in cluster role 'XXXXX'.

Based on the error policy for the resource and role, the Cluster service may attempt to connect the resource on this node, or move the group to another node in the cluster and then restart it. Check the status of the resource and group by using Failover Cluster Manager or by using the Get-ClusterResource Windows PowerShell cmdlet."


the volume is seen like this for a few seconds



some VMs are in this state





and have this error:



datacore support says it's a Microsoft issue - we have another cluster with Windows 2016 (other hadware) and this issue never showed up

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