This build of windows is going to expire on 31st October. How do i fix it

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I am getting error msg "This build of Windows will expire soon"

i not able to fix it


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I also did a post about that:

Since we are in Windows 11 builds numbers (even if we were in Windows 10) there is no clear upgrade paths to Windows 10 21h2.

Microsoft did an announcement regarding this with a very unclear procedure.

When i choose Release preview I get nothing.


So far my only option without losing data would be install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware unless Microsoft provide a fix.


EDIT: Thinking about that. The Microsoft procedure probably only apply to builds in the beta or release preview. Changing branch probably wont fix anything..

@Nail_Cubro  Hi

Because Microsoft no longer has a Dev channel. for Windows10 so you need to do a clean installation of Windows that will remove the expiring dev version.

Either you download the stable version of Windows10, or you download the ISO of the RP channel. - 21H2 , but your personal files will be deleted - Remember to make copies.

Good luck

 Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs

Tis unfortunate that there never has been a stable build of Win10 n ARM and that all the previews are expired or expiring... Windows11 is not what I use every day at work, so I am starting to see the minor pitfalls of my shiny new MacBook Pro with its M1 Pro


Yes , I agree , but the ARM preview -Windows11 - can be downloaded, it is available, but you must meet the requirements of Win11.
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Yep - have 11 on Parallels - works great, but I miss 10.
Trying to upgrade to the latest version Insider Build this will be extend to 2022.