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sudden slow internet speed on windows 11

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recently I updated my windows 10 to windows 11. after that my download speed is suddenly decreased my actual internet speed is 25mbps when I check on the speed test also its showing 25mbps but while downloading on chrome or on Microsoft edge it'll be decreased to around 200kbps and even youtube is also the same. I tried resetting the network adapter. please give me some solution.



Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 100/100 (Mbps)
Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::8de6:78e6:f807:ff5d%6
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers: (Unencrypted)
Manufacturer: Realtek
Description: Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller
Driver version: 10.26.328.2018
Physical address (MAC): **************

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I am seeing the same thing. Did you find a solution?


Kevin K

Are you facing this issue with other devices?
Have you tried updating Network Driver?
Open start and search for feedback and open Feedback Hub app and report this issue.

Please run Network Adapter troubleshooter, let us know what is reports back?


@anupbadri I had this issue also.  Disabling IPv6 on my NIC fixed the slow speeds immediately.  It was specific to facebook so far from web pages I've been visiting.

@Kapil Arya 

I know this wasn't directed at me specifically but I did reinstall my network adapter driver and tried running the troubleshooter and have had no luck. Do you have any other suggestions?


Thanks, Kevin K

I disabled IPv6 and it did help a bit but it is still a bit slower than Windows 10.


I experienced same issue as you mentioned.... just the funny was that i have Windows 11 on a powerlaptop (i.e. gamerlaptop) and when i was on another location i did not have this problem, just when i was at home!


So the issue in my case HAD to be external and then i discovered i have (of course) an onboard network adapter which is a Killer wired and wireless network adapter, but i also have a docking station with 2 UHD adapters AND an extra network adapter!

I measured in internetspeed of 860MBps (loaded with online gaming children) so on a 1Gb not a bad performance at all 
I have that external adapter connected to a separate network segment of which consist of NAS and SAS devices.... when i pulled one of the 2 connections.... problem was solved!

Please @Microsoft:  Investigate why 2 network adapters together in one device are slowing down performance incredably much! Either of them separately are working perfect!


Same problem in Dell G7 7700 with Windows 11
Make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app app too.

@anupbadri If you go to services and then search for the killer services and 'kill' them then your problems are over. 

Thank You it works


Thanks man, THAT indeed worked for me!
The earlier solutions did not work out on my system

oh my, this worked, thanks!

@mstremmelaar  So what services would someone kill in Windows 11 to help the Internet speed be faster?  I have Xfinity for my Internet and noticed with speed test, it's way slower than what it should be.  I disabled IP v6 like someone suggested earlier.  I hope someone will help me and others out with what services to disable.  Thanks in advance!

@Tech_Lover These are the services to disable.



I'm not having these :(
dude thank you so much i can finally watch youtube again.
Killer Network Service stopped and disabled.
Worked instantly for me.

@mstremmelaar of course, I love you now - works perfectly!