How do I prevent Insider Program from re-installing Buggy Update?

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Release 17074.1002 Kills my OKI C301dn printer. I rolled back to version 17025 but Windows updates wont let me switch off the Insider Program.. It says it needs to install a new update... the one I dont want!Insider program error 1.pngInsider program error 2.png


Is there any way that I can KILL Update from doing this.


I have tried every which way to try and stop it.. I even Installed the 'buggy' 17074.1004 again and then tried to 'STOP any further Insider Program Installs - but as soon as I switch on the Internet it immediately starts downloading the new Update. 


I am going mad trying to stop this. Can anybody advise me as to how I can manage this. See screen grabs above...

I just can not switch off the download. As soon as I try and delay  (PAUSE) the system says that it cant because there is an update in progress... Even if I have just upgraded to this 'buggy' version. As soon as I boot the buggy version and go to this page the Insider Program  finds the Update is awaiting and starts to download before I can stop it.


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I am in a similar boat as you. I do not think we can fully disable the update only postpone it for 7 days. You then have to install the update before you can make any changes to the insider program. 

The only way back is a fresh install!!  Back up everything first. There really should be a better downgrade path for those of us wishing to beta test Windows for Microsoft. I know it was my choice to go down this road, but since I can't simply go back to a stable build I will never be in the program again. Reinstall is not a huge deal, but I am just so busy right now Its hard justify the time it would take. I would be happy with a stay on current build until full release option!!! 

If you pause you have to update, when updated I have to go back one build, then If I do not pause it right away it will just trying to install the build I just told it I had an issue with. How does that make any sense? I just want to stay on the build and get security updates. 



My issue is different. It completely disables my Rat 7 mouse. A standard USB mouse works.  The device shows an issue in device manager, but with this mouse being old I do not see an update in the future. 

This build also seems to run horribly to me. Had a tone of little glitches. 

At boot up, my startup apps take forever and when my EVGA software for my graphics card does come up the fan runs like a 747 at takeoff! Like the fan is not spinning at all until the software is up.


The mouse is the biggest issue.  Anybody have an idea on how to repair this?


I will install the **bleep** update this weekend and try to repair the mouse drivers some more I guess. 


I know I am harping on this, but if you just had to revert to an older build because of an issue why the hell would the insider program immediately try to install the update again upon relaunch!!! Sure pause it then when time runs out you can do nothing but install it again, rinse and repeat until March?

Please tell me I am missing something about this process. 






Hi Brandon Ferguson


I am glad (!) that I am not the only one with this issue!


I started in Computers in 1969 and am now retired. I have time on my hands but frustration levels are wearing a little thin!!

I am going to try and pursue this with Microsoft but I need the communities help. I need a telephone number or email address so I can start a dialogue with 'our masters'.


What I find amusing is that if you read between the lines Microsoft is trying to integrate AI into W10 - or so the literature says...  This being the case you would think that their AI engine would be a little bit more receptive to my requests.. Every time I try and 'ask a question' I tries to fob me off with a load of unrelated hogwash.


Anyway - I repeat - if anybody can point me to a number or email address I will fly the flag for those affected by this terrible release.


I can not believe that the community is so abused and not supported by Microsoft.

Hey all, I've passed this on the Windows team. Also adding @Michelle Fleming from Windows Insiders. 



Hi - message received.  I'm looking to see if I can get some guidance for you all here.

Mark, it is true that in order to fully leave the Windows Insider Program (WIP) you will need to roll back to the Fall Creators Update (FCU). This, unfortunately, means a clean install of the OS. 

You can get that here.

If you choose to do this, please take a backup of your programs and files first.

You can stop the update by stopping the Windows Update service. This is temporary though and by no means a fix for your issue.

  1. Right click on the Taskbar and choose “Task Manager”
    1. Choose the “Services” tab
    2. At the very bottom choose the “Open Services” link
      1. This opens a full list of the services, running or not, on your machine
    3. Scroll down to and double click on “Windows Update”
      1. Change “Startup type:” to “Disabled”
      2. Press the “Stop” button that is under “Service status:”
    4. Reboot

We would be sad to see you leave the program.

Maybe I can help you with your printer.

May I ask what the issue is?

Since this is pre-release software there are probably more issues than that but it seems to be the driving issue for your need to exit the program.

I had an issue with my printer where it seemed to install but would not print.

Is this a similar issue?



Do you have any advice on what I can try to fix my mouse issue? I haven't tried too much other than going into device manager and trying another driver. 


It's very strange. On boot up, the mouse lights up when the motherboard hands off the to Windows both the keyboard and mouse lights go down. This always happens, but the keyboard comes up and works and the mouse never lights up again. I have swapped USB ports and tried USB 2 and 3 ports with no luck. It's like the OS does not see the mouse at all. 

A dell standard USB mouse works.

This is a RAT7 mouse by MADCATZ .


To be honest, the OS seems sluggish and a little glitchy, but I really did not give it much time since my good mouse does not work. 


Would you guys please add another option for people that have issues like Mark, and myself are having? I do not see any reason if someone has an issue with a particular build they should be stuck having to install it. As it sits now you have an option to go back one build, but the build you just left starts downloading and installing as soon as you boot up.  I would assume if someone is reverting there is a major issue. The pause function only works for 7 days and as soon as you unpause you have to download and install the current build before you can make any changes in the Insider control panel. I think if you added a button that said I want to stay build --------- because the current build -------- has this issue. Please inform me when the next build is ready and I would be happy to replay and report if this fixes my issue.  Seems like a great way to keep people like me in the program and also get some good bug reporting. As it stands now I will not be staying in the program. I really thought I could always go back a build and stay there if I ever had an issue with a build. I am happy to beta test for you. That's how issues get fixed. You cannot try every combo of hardware and software to test these builds before release. I get to see some features early. Just make it where I can always go back a build and stay there either until stable release or new build comes along. 




Hi there Bob Lynch - - I dont want to do a clean  install... I am very happy with the 'current' version ..171020.1626 - I just dont want to install the current release as it screws up my OKI C301 printer.


When ever I try to print it comes up with a message that there was a problem with the printer settings ...


I have been onto OKI who were ever so helpful... Cleaned out all the old residual drivers with their utility and reinstalled. I can print from all my other network printers no problem just wont do it from this buggy release.


So because I need my printer on a daily basis I just can not afford to have the new Insider release installed.


Thank you and everybody else who have been so really helpful in trying to solve the problem a number of us are having.


To me - as an ex systems man - I cant believe that it is a huge hurdle software wise. So I am sure it will be put right in the next release. 

Thanks again



Brandon, RE: mouse...The initial "light up" is probably the mouse getting initial basic communication, then the driver takes over in the OS. Is it an older mouse? Have you tried installing the driver in compatibility mode? Otherwise it may be up to the vendor to update their software to work with the latest. Sorry I don't have better news there.


Your suggestions for the Insiders program are valid.

While I am not a decision maker for the road map for Windows or the program, nor am I a developer that owns any part or feature of the OS, I can and will forward your suggestions on to those that are.

Mark, I certainly understand not wanting the disruption of clean installing the OS.

I do not know what steps OKI took with you, except what you have listed. But since the printer is an older model, have you tried installing the driver in compatibility mode? A longshot for certain, but it sometimes can solve problems like this.

Dear you can't paused windows update ,because downloading in progress.

After installing download updates ,then you can paused updates.....


I had the same issue as you folks did just yesterday. All of a sudden, build 17074 was installed on my machine. The start menu and my apps disappeared, the OS was sluggish, it took me forever to do anything - just as you have been experiencing. It took awhile but I finally got into update and rolled back to a previous version. I then was able to turn off future preview builds and now things have stabilized. To fully disable updates, you have to leave the Windows Insider Program (and if you choose to do this we'll hate to see you go). Not sure if this will help but I thought I'd share.

Its an older mouse and the company went bankrupt or was purchased so the possibility of an updated driver is really low. I really like the thing though and there is no money to purchase a new one anyway. 


I will try to work with the drivers this weekend, but honestly, I had rather just skip this build. 

Thank you for forwarding my suggestions up. That is after all why we are all in the program. I really think if you made us give the reason we wanted to stay on an earlier build before we revert it would help improve the finished product. 


Should I uninstall the drivers, then update to the current build? Then reinstall the drivers in compatibility mode?




you probably could just uninstall the device and make sure you check the "Delete the driver software for this device" box and then reinstall in compatibility mode. But the cleaner way would be as you suggest.

Hi Brian,

you can run troubleshoot.and select that  app's which creat problem.Make shre you device must connected to the internet.

In this way you can solved problems.

Thanks..Screenshot (81).pngScreenshot (80).png

I am happy to report that build 17083.1000 seems to fix my mouse issues!!. 


I am so happy that this build was released so quickly. Seems to run a lot better than the last build. 


Thanks for the help. 

@Brandon Furgerson 

I also have had enough of th insider its deleting  graphics software for nvidia ,,i am using an av receiver  i could not get the dolby and 4k upgrading to work due to windows removing sound and software i ahd paid for that was not cheap..its the last time i listen to one of the advisors on tech support who said i would always have up to date computer and woulld benefit updates that take avoer an hour to install i want to opt out and the only way is to reinstall windows again from scratch...if nit did not remove sound and graphic drivers i would not mind so much 


i dont want to use microsot display settings i dont find them user friendly at all 

the truth is these problems are all normal and expected in insider program, that's the whole point of insider program, to find problems, report them via Feedbacks to Microsoft and then they will get solved.
if you're having a problem that is too severe then you can easily fresh install Windows 10 and use the stable build without any problem.
I've been on fast ring for 1 year straight, I have AMD graphic card newly upgraded to Radeon VII, Windows update does not uninstall it after each build but even if it did i would just reinstall it quickly.
you can also use group policy to block driver installation for a certain device. let me know if you want to know more about this way.

by the way you can grab a free copy of Windows 10 stable from here: