Microsoft 365 E3 vs Window 365 E

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I've been using O365E3 for many years in my company. Last year I upgraded us to Microsoft 365E3.

What are the cons and pros for me of upgrading to Windows 365E?

What apps will I lose? Flow? Other?

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Microsoft 365 E3 is a set of product licenses, Windows 365 Enterprise is just a "Cloudpc" offering with no product licenses in it like Exchange, Teams, OneDrive etc. (
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does It means that if I will purchase Windows365, I will also need to purchase micorosft 365 separately?

Correct, Windows 365 Business or Enterprise is a VM offering without any Office products. You log into it using your 365 account and if you have a Microsoft 365 license on that.. You can use those products in that VM.
Windows 365 Enterprise is an add-on license. Since it uses Microsoft Endpoint Manager, we will need existing license agreement (which could be M365 E3 or Above)
Your response is very helpful and now I understand it.
So what is the benefit of it?
Isaac nice explanation on Microsoft Mechanics, this is from last year and there are changes to it now but the concept is the same
Was this enough information for you?
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Perfect response. Now I have a clear understanding of the product.
Thank you.