How To Learn about Windows 365 Cloud PC in 2022 to jumpstart your implementation


With the increased demand and interest in Windows 365 Cloud PC, this might be a good moment to summarize all the resources available online that can help ramp you up on the technical and business aspects to get started.


" With Windows 365, we’re bringing the operating system to the cloud and creating a new category: the cloud PC, providing organizations with greater flexibility and a secure way to empower their workforce, regardless of location.”Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft


Let’s get started and show you all the resources that are freely available on the internet to kick the tires with Windows 365 Cloud PC as part of your journey to SaaS-based Cloud PCs.




Microsoft certification course

Learning about Windows 365 will soon be something you can get rewarded on as well. We are working on an official Modern Desktop Administrator. You can already follow the instructor-led training courses to get trained on Windows 365 today! Stay tuned, more news coming soon!


Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate - Learn | Microsoft Docs


What's new in Windows 365

Learn what new features are available in Windows 365.


Windows 365 for Partners

Grow your Microsoft 365 cloud services business with Windows 365, the following resources will help you establish maximum benefit from the Microsoft cloud as a Partner.


Upcoming partner (free) sales training

Windows 365 PowerPoint presentations

We know like no other that content is sometimes more important than the technology itself to share the benefits for business before starting a proof-of-concept implementation. Therefore, we made our official Microsoft presentation material publicly available for anyone.


Paperback book: Mastering Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Windows 365

One of the main reasons for the slow adoption of Modern Workplace solutions designed to simplify the management layer of your environment is the lack of understanding and knowledge of the product. With this book, you'll learn everything you need to know to make the shift to Modern Workplace, running Windows 10, Windows 11, or Windows 365.


You can order it here: Mastering Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Deploy and manage Windows 10, Windows 11, and Wind...


Windows in the Cloud – YouTube webcast series

This free live Microsoft Teams webcast series highlights new features, best practices from both Microsoft Engineering and the community, and Windows 365 success stories. We hope you’ll join us right here as we explore technology-focused topics alongside members of the community, Microsoft Engineering, customers, and users.


Demo bytes

Windows 365 Business – deep dive technical walkthrough

Windows 365 Business is a version of Windows 365 made specifically for use in smaller companies (up to 300 seats). It offers an easy, streamlined way of providing Cloud PCs to your users. Learn in this blog how to configure it.


Windows 365 Enterprise – deep dive technical walkthrough

Find out what you need to know to jump into this new service and make it even easier for your users to connect to Windows running in the Microsoft cloud. Learn in this blog how to configure it.



Universal Print, Defender, and OneDrive with Windows 365

Learn about how to use Windows 365 with other Microsoft 365 Cloud services such as Universal Print and Defender!



Linkedin Learning – Deploy, Provision and Manage Windows 365 Cloud PCs by Brian Posey

Learn more about how to configure and enable supporting infrastructure in Azure to create a virtual remote network. Get the skills you need to deploy a secure, manageable network, setting up your organization for success. Brian shows you why Windows 365 is so appealing, as it combines the simplicity of the PC with the security and power of the cloud. 



Puralsight online training – Windows 365

In this course, Windows 365 Cloud PC, we explore the value of Windows 365 and walk through accessing your cloud PC from both a browser and through an app called Remote Desktop.



Ask Microsoft Anything – Windows 365

New series! Join us every month with your questions about Windows 365 features, deployment, customization, and best practices. During these one-hour Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) events, we'll have members of the Microsoft engineering and product teams ready to help and provide answers. Not sure where to start? Watch our Windows in the Cloud web series to catch up on the latest. Upcoming AMAs:



Microsoft Mechanics

Watch as Microsoft engineers show you how to get the most from the software, service, and hardware they built. Through in-product demos, recommendations, how-to's, and tips, they simplify complex topics so you can share them with clients, peers, and your management team.



Microsoft Docs

Official product documentation for Windows 365 Business



Windows 365 Feedback portal

Share your ideas for future features and functionality for Windows 365—and vote on your favorites!



Windows 365 Roadmap

To help in your readiness and planning, this page lists Windows 365 updates and features that are in development but not yet released.



Become a Microsoft MVP for Windows 365

Do you aspire to be a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Windows 365? We just announced our new program. If you're interested in becoming an MVP, please reach out to me on social media!


Join our Windows 365 Community – led by MVPs!

We are a group of EUC, Enterprise Mobility and Azure specialists, sharing their knowledge actively with the wider virtual desktop communities. Our community is open to everyone, and several Microsoft MVPs will keep you posted every week on the latest news and announcements of Windows 365!


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