Windows explorer bug: renaming files highlights file name while editing, removing entire name


This has been a problem for several years with Windows explorer.


If you work decently fast editing a file name, either by clicking on it or pressing F2, and then start typing immediately, Explorer automatically selects the whole name after about a second. This is really annoying since it removes the entire name if you're typing when this happens.

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I am having the exact same issue here and it is getting really annoying! Using F2, the arrows as well as Home key. I tried everything, from being faster or slower, using the contextual menu to rename, etc ... to not avail.
Searching the web, I found posts of people using Dropbox having the same issue and the suggestion is that this has something to do with syncing, so I paused syncing, and lo and behold, the problem was gone. Well, sort of, because now it is not syncing of course. My suggestion to you would therefore to pause syncing if you have several files to rename and restart it when done. The best solution though would be that Microsoft fixes this.



I may have a workaround - try putting a space at the end of the file name. It seems to let me edit it if there is a space at the end. Let me know if this works for you.   Murray