Windows Desktop extension crashing constantly

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Have a problem where practically the entire laptop stops working, only started getting it in the last week, had this laptop for over a year, purpose being studying a distance-based course at Uni.


It is random, websites and music can't load, the taskbar and desktop stop working and don't respond, have tried multiple online solutions, including system recovery, which helped for 24hrs and then it started again. Did an sfc /scannow and that didn't help long-term either.


This came up as the entire desktop crashed when I waited long enough once (otherwise I have to shut down using power button as nothing else works):


"DesktopExtension.exe - Application Error


The exception unknown software exception (0xe0434352) occurred in the application at location 0x00007FFA18FE474C."


Ok is the only option, and that just returns to the same pop-up.


This has only been a recent occurrence, and is likely a problem to do with Windows 11, meaning Microsoft needs to fix it.

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