Windows Audio Stutter after some uptime

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Hi fellas, i have the problem that i have sound issues after some hours of uptime (mostly like 2-3 hours or so)


I can totally relate it to windows 11, had a "upgrade" beforehand and even switched to the Dev. Builds (the last from 4-5 days ago or so.
Then i did a cleaninstall of Windows 11 and the issue remains as before.

It mainly happens when i cross my "screenborder" with the mousecursor to the second or third screen.
There are spikes on latencymon and the "Highest measured interrupt to process latency" reports up to 5000-6000 µs

With the exact same Hardware, Programs and driver i don't encounter this issue under windows 10 or any other OS like linux and so on.



AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Asus ROG Strix x570-f

32GB Crucial 3600 Mhz cl 16

Nvidia RTX 3090


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