Windows 11 Updates repeatedly break the operating system

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now i have had enough.
after the last update, the 3 keyboard lock indicator leds stopped working.
and also my monitor stayed dark after waking up from energy saving mode.
because you fiddle with the power save mode and the keyboard functions.
with your windows updates only my system is broken patched.
hardly any real new features, only new bugs.
these errors can also only be eliminated by reinstalling.
this time it will be the last reinstall.
because this time i will deactivate the automatic update function for EVER.
and i will also disable windows defender.
it causes more problems than a virus.
i have never had a virus on my system.
except once in windows xp times the MSBlast worm.
so i don't need this annoying pseudo antivirus that only wastes resources and blocks my downloads and programs even though they are harmless files.
you know what you are doing here is mean dangerous.
my keyboard costs over 300 euro and also my monitor costs over 1000 euro.
if i was a newbie i would have bought a new keyboard and monitor now because the rma time is too long for me.
this is no fun what you do here with the pc systems of the people.
I never have problems with the pc.
hardware and software are perfectly matched.
the only thing that always destroys this running system are your useless windows updates.
every time it is like this.
but not anymore this time.
enough updates. never again updates.
do you even test these updates?
or do you intentionally put in errors?

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