WIndows 11 stops recognizing monitors as audio output devices when idle

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For some reason, Windows 11 stops recognizing my two external monitors as audio output devices when I leave my desktop idle. I also have headphones plugged in and they will become the only output audio option even if the audio was set to one of the monitors before.


My power options have my desktop set to never sleep but it will turn the display off after 15 minutes. Half of the time I start using my computer after the monitors turn off this issue happens. To fix this I have to start troubleshooting output devices and then windows will suddenly recognize them again and everything goes back to normal. It's been getting annoying to have to go into settings every time I want to hear audio after leaving my computer. 



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1. Check if the cable has any problem. Use another cable to and see if the problem resolves.

2. Check if the output port works fine. If your PC has multiple HDMI output ports, try different ports and see if the problem resolves.

3. Check if the monitor works properly. Make sure the monitor’s speaker volume is not turned down or muted. Then try connecting the monitor to another PC.

Hope this helps,
J Wick