Windows 11 Requirements Satisfied, But Cannot Upgrade.

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Hi All,


I have enabled TPM 2.0 in PTT through BIOS and verified that is is active using tpm.msc.


I have also run the Windows Health Check app utility and all requirements are satisifed (green ticks across the board).


Despite this, I am still receiving a message in the Windows Update panel that my PC doesn't meet all the system requirements for Windows 11.


I am running the following hardware:
Gigabyte Z370P D3 motherboard (BIOS updated to support Z390 chipset CPUs)
Intel i7-9700 3.0GHz 8-core CPU

Samsung NVMe 970 Evo SSD (500GB)



It would seem I have done everything to meet the requirements but for some reason (that is unclear to me) I am still not eligible for the upgrade. Can anyone explain this?

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This is a known issue and hopefully it should be fixed soon. If you get This PC meets Windows 11 requirements with PC Health Check app, then you can try manual upgrade: