Windows 11 on Surface Studio 2

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MS indicated back in August that it would support Windows 11 on the Surface Studio 2, one of a very few devices with 7th gen processors that it will support. I have not yet received the upgrade through Windows Update and am somewhat reluctant to proceed by installing the Installation Assistant due to the age (and possible idiosyncrasies) of the Studio 2. That said, my other 2 (much newer) computers are running 11 and I'd like to have a consistent interface across all 3. I'd like to go ahead and install. All thoughts/insights welcomed!

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Hi, I think downloading the update assistant is really safe - you just need to have about 30G of free disk space this is a basic condition.

Of course, you can make copies of files just in case, but upgrading to Windows11 does not delete files and applications. 

Thanks, AndrzejX. That's just the reassurance I need. Think I'll pull the trigger in the next day or 2.