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May 31 2023, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Windows 11 on Surface Book 2 (Core i7-8650U)

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Just curious, has anybody on Surface Book 2 with core i7 recieved the Windows 11 upgrade via the windows update?


The update keeps informing me that Windows 11 will be available "soon" for my laptop but Microsoft is doing extra "tests" before releasing it. This has been the message since October 2021..


I'm starting to wonder if the windows upgrade isnt bugged. Can anyone on the same configuration confirm they're also waiting or have received the upgrade?

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Hello @Ronnet42,


If you get This PC meets Windows 11 requirements with PC Health Check app, then you can try manual upgrade:


Or you can also use Windows 11 Installation Assistant which you can download from here:


Hope this helps!

Hello Kapil, I have considered this. It does say it meets requirements but that they're doing extra "tests". So I am a bit reluctant to install it manually. If indeed they're still conducting tests then it may well be related to the screen detaching feature of Surface Book 2. If that feature doesnt work properly on Windows 11 then I will cripple my laptop to the point where I cant use it for work. Hence why I like to hear from fellow Surface Book 2 users.
Thanks. I decided to manually upgrade via windows 11 installation asistant. Everything seems to be working, including the detaching feature of surface book 2. No idea why the update wasn't pushed automatically for me.

Glad I could help @Ronnet42, thanks for your update!

Enjoy Windows 11 :smile: