Windows 11 No Go Back button

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Hello, I downloaded Windows 11 and it has made my computer very buggy, especially with photoshop. After less than 5 days of having Windows 11, the option to Go back from System > Recovery is completely gone. 

Screenshot (6).png

It's not grayed out like it would be if it had been more than 10 days. Additionally, when I try to use the method to uninstall latest feature update it refuses to work and gives me an error message.


 Finally after trying to reset my whole PC twice, there was no improvement to the system whatsoever. If anyone has a fix that would be greatly appreciated.

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If the Go back option is not available, it might be possible the previous installation files is removed. In this case, you need to make clean install of Windows 10 if you still want to go back:

Hope this helps!