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Windows 11 - Migrate user settings like recent files opened, desktop, browser favorites etc

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When moving a user to a new PC, data in our setup is on OneDrive now, which is a huge advantage.


However we still have issues with moving over user settings like the afore mentioned recent files opened, quick links, Desktop background, Taskbar pinned programs, browser favorites from all browsers etc.


I do find it hard to understand why Microsoft abandoned the Easy Migration tool software with Windows 8.

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We started using USMTGUI and User Profile Central back in December and they both use USMT, just like the old Windows Easy Migration

However the USMTGUI developer has his own updated XML files for USMT that works wonders and for instance handles documents, all the stuff you mention and favorites from Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

The Outlook corruption mentioned by Palcouk was fixed many years ago But funny actually that is brought up, BC that was kinda the reason we tried USMTGUI to begin with.
Previously we used ForensiT TransWiz.
But when migrating profiles on Hybrid joined PCs the ForensiT TransWiz software will ruin the AAD School/work account attachment/Office 365 login.

Anyway the User Profile Central SW is a lot cooler as I can sit at my PC and handle user profiles throughout the company.When for instance we replace a PC, I just grab the user profile from the old PC over LAN, and put it on the new PC, ready for pick up.