Windows 11 Login Screen - thinks the device is a tablet, and shows the wrong login info

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Windows 11 build 22621 (same thing on build 22000)


The login screen thinks the device is a tablet (Its a Laptop - no touch, no detachable tablet) and displays the message:


"Press and hold the Windows button and then press the power button to unlock (Or you can unlock by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete)"


We are using Windows 10 admx's, so not sure if thats the problem - but looking at the new Windows 11 admx dont show anything different on how to configure the logon screen.


Anyone seen this?



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@Vern BatemanI am encountering the same issue. Is there an option to completely turn off Tablet Mode in Windows 11?

@Sreejithc I was able to solve the problem by doing a Bios update  - I run HP devices. This got rid of the logon message as the OS now saw it as a Laptop without touch.