Windows 11 Intune Config

Steel Contributor

I'm configuring and testing our Intune setup for Windows 11. The biggest challenge is getting rid of the junk I don't want on there. I have managed this with a combination of app settings and Powershell scripts for most things, but there are two problems which I've not managed to sort:


1) Remove the XBox app - this doesn't seem to be in the list of Windows Store apps so I can't use that to uninstall it. I've tried a Powershell script with get-appxpackage *xboxapp* | remove-appxpackage and that hasn't worked either

2) Unpin the Windows Store icon from the taskbar - don't want to remove the Store as it might occasionally be needed by users, but I don't want it pinned to the taskbar by default.


Can anyone suggest any solutions to the above, using Intune?



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