Windows 11 - File Explorer Bug

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Hey everyone,


We have two brandnew Laptops running Windows 11 23H2 Enterprise and we are experiencing an issue, that there is a second overlapping Explorer window inside the one I originally opened (See screenshot below -> I marked the second window in red)


1.) There is no second Explorer process open during this issue

2.) It happens randomly, not everytime I open an explorer window

3.) It is not a graphics bug, as I can click and switch folders in both areas.

4.) You cannot move or drag the overlapping window.

5.) Only happening in W11

6.) Reinstall of OS didn´t change anything, still the same issue.

7.) Only workaround is to completely close Explorer and reopen it (Minimize, Maximize has no effect)


Any advice? Did anyone else experience this issue?



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@Jarvis1335 what fixes it for me is to close the explorer windows, then open again, click options, reset to default, then re-open explorer. It did not happen since after this procedure and we do have this once only on many Windows 11 computers but only once and after this is fixed for good.

Thank you for your input.
I will try that one out.
Alright, I just had a remote session with a Microsoft support agent and he told me that this is a confirmed Windows bug and they are working on a fix.