Windows 11 doesn’t recognize an m.2 NVMe in a pcie slot after upgrade

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Hey all,


Bought a new HP Omen 30L-1139 it has expansion slots for upto 3 m.2 SSDs. I swapped out the 2 SSDs from my old computer to the new one and everything worked as it should. I had this working for over a week, then when I upgraded to windows 11 and a new bios update, well, windows 11 doesn’t see the 2nd M.2 SSD plugged into the pcie slot.


I can go into the bios and see the ssd in the pcie slot, no way to activate it or anything like that if needed. When I go into wing, not detected at all, not under disk management, or partition either.


stumped on this one. Tried to reach out to HP; howe

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