Windows 11 Compatibility with 7th Gen Processors

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I am using a laptop with the following specs:

1. Intel i3-7020U @2.30 GHz (Both cores)

2. 8GB DD4 RAM 2133 MHz

3. 500GB Samsung SSD 870 EVO

4. Intel Integrated HD Graphics 620

Now, I bought this laptop recently and I am not going to buy another one just so that I can get Windows 11. Can MS give me an absolutely justified answer as to why 7th Gen Intel processors which are more than capable of running Windows 11 are not getting the update whereas the Atom, Celeron, and Pentium Processors are qualified for the update? 

So, apparently, these three are more capable of running windows 11 smoothly as compared to i3 processors (7th Gen)? 

On the other hand 8th gen processors and one 7th gen processor is being supported. 

If MS can't give me a justified answer then I shall consider my assumption that MS was too lazy and couldn't bother to release updates for 7th Gen processors and they just want to make money by making people buy new Windows 11 compatible or Windows 11 laptops to be true!

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also on some 8th gen amd cpu's they do so which like it was from china and they descriminating the old amd cpu 8th gen series like they are too picky to choose now for some 8th gen cpu or capable of running windows which "are they a joke?!" or they just have a gerbish geniuses mind set or being ridiculous and naive of capability of some cpus
The computer specs is quite good and should get updates along with the old chips like Atom or Celeron.