Windows 11 Build 22621.1344 and later broke the ability to middle click tray icons

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These latest Windows 11 builds (the Moment 2 update and later) have broken the ability to middle click tray app icons.


On all previous versions on Windows (at least since W10), middle clicking was allowed and some apps make use of it for extra functionality.

Now, ever since these updates, middle clicking the tray icon will trigger a "left click" event instead of a "middle click" event.

This has been verified with multiple test apps using Winforms, WPF and WinUI. The issue happens regardless of tech and is almost for sure related with these last Windows updates that introduced new changes to the tray area.


This has been tested and verified on multiple systems and VMs. I have reported this issue to @WindowsUpdate on Twitter and was recommended to report it through the "Feedback Hub" app. I have reported it there, but have gotten absolutely no response or feedback from anybody, so my report is sitting there with a single upvote so I'm sure it will most likely be ignored.


Reporting it here as well to try and get some eyes on this by any relevant person/dev.



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Has there been any substantive progress on this issue? I can't believe Windows 11 has such a low-level bug!
Hello there,

Sadly, no.
This report as well as another one I've done on the Windows Feedback Hub app ( went largely unnoticed and I'm now very doubtful that Microsoft will ever fix this.

I initially thought this would affect a lot of people and many different apps and would therefore be largely reported and quickly fixed, but as it's been almost a year, Microsoft has released many new versions of Windows 11 in the meantime but without any fixes so I'm guessing it will be like this forever.

Hopefully some more reports will maybe make them reconsider.


I'm guessing it's because this issue isn't noticed by too many users, as middle-clicking on a tray icon is an uncommon operation and there are very few programs that use this feature, which I initially discovered while using ShareX.

Issue still taking place in Windows 11 build 22631.3296

The Feedback Hub link @LumoTray shared doesn't work for me, but hopefully this one will: (alternative URI link to the issue: feedback-hub:?contextid=63&feedbackid=21ffe885-95a3-4f6d-bd6b-cab5376f6b89&form=1&src=1)

@jstamm93 Hey


Not sure why the feedback link is not working, if I click it, it opens the feedback hub with my report.


But anyway, I have given up on Microsoft ever fixing this issue. Their support/bug reporting channels are unfortunately still as useless as ever...


They never even documented or mentioned the regression in the first place when they released the update that broke it and never acknowledged the issue on any of the channels I've reported this to, so I'm pretty sure that's just the way it is now.