Windows 11 22H2 broke G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 32GB RGB

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After the update my RAM RGB can no longer be controlled and it is stuck in the default rainbow mode. My relative has the same issue with the same RAM after the update, was working fine before the update.

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Having the same issue with my G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 16GB RGB also, hope there is a fix somewhere it's annoying stuck on rainbow mode with no control using any of the RGB apps..

@Ghostimage0101 if you find a fix let me know please. I was unable to fix it. Last thing to try is updating my bios but I really don’t want to do that. 

+1 here.....another mess with ASUS also :\

@hawkeye1194  I wouldn’t update the bios, mine is up to date and it has not fixed the issue, I posted on the G.Skill forum about the issue and another person has the same problem, seems it’s all to do with the update, also had it pop up in windows now under the security about a problem with memory integrity and has now disabled it, so it’s definitely something to do with the update and G.Skill memory…

For sure. Well this sucks, I sure hope it’s just temporarily not working and didn’t brick the ram RGB permanently.
ok I found a fix for my memory integrity issue, I only recently upgraded to windows 11, seems others had a heap of RGB issues a while ago and not able to control them to do with a older system file called ENE.SYS which became unsigned due to a previous update while made it not trusted by the system, I MSI Dragon Center installed which I replace with MSI Center and then installed Mystic Lights using that which replaced the main system ENE.SYS file with an updated signed one... Now to do with TridentZ Lighting they use there own one of this file if you look under "Program Files (x86)\G.SKILL\Trident Z Lighting Control\Aac" there is an install for there version under there so I'm guessing that is what is causing the issue, probably there version has become unsigned and windows won't use it and I believe it's what is used to communicate between windows and the LED's on the memory.... I have also posted this on the G.Skill forum under DDR3 memory category so I hope someone comes up with a fix....

Just fixed my issue. Was using the Aura Sync Utility to control my RGB. They just released an update which fixed my issue (Aura Sync Utility version 1.07.84_V2).


thanks for that, it didn’t fix it with my Gigabyte Aorus board, I have posted the fix you said for all the ASUS users on the G.Skill forum I’m sure it will help a lot of people out with the same issue… 

Same here, after installing the 22h2 update my GSkill Trident RGB sticks are now just running rainbow with no control over them. GSkill Lighting Control software has no effect and Gigabyte's RGB Fusion does not see them. This is even after several restarts and re-installs of most of the software to correct the issue. Motherboard is: Aorus Ultra Z490 with i9 10900KF. Just waiting to post the same info on GSkill's Tech Forum.
I managed to get basic control over the RGB using the fix as mentioned above, I installed the aura sync utility which updated some file as my memory was detected by most RGB software again except the trident software itself still did nothing and then after a restart I ended up uninstalling the Aura software and then after doing that I was finally able to set the RGB using the Aorus software only but only as a static color like I could do mixed static colors but that’s it, still better then the rainbow until there is a better fix by trident themselves or aorus whatever driver is causing this issue or detection and setting it to an effect I would like
Thanks Ghostimage0101, I fired off some Tweets to Aorus, Gigabyte and GSkill regarding this and see what happens from there. Hopefully they take the issue to heart and start on some patches like Nvidia did.
Hope so, I wrote to GSkill a week ago but got nothing back about this or any reply from them on the forum…

@Ghostimage0101 Did you ever hear back from GSkill on this? Curious if anyone is working on fixing this. 

@Kritheo I didn’t fix it completely myself as it was to much hassle to fiddle with but others have fixed it by uninstalling all RGB related software completely then reinstall the G.Skillz RGB software and it should fix the issue, it’s a conflict between the RGB Software all trying to take ownership of the RGB control of the devices since the update… eventually I’ll probably do the same thing to fix the issue completely… hope it helps u out.