Window 11 reinstall no display (wrong drivers?) stalled after first reboot.

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Every time I re install windows, I get stuck. The last few times using win 10 and now 11, when installing windows on my current Mobo, a Gigabyte X299 Aorus Gaming 7 with intel 10940 i9 processor and NVidia 3070 RTX Gfx. and my previous Asus Mobo and NVidia 1070, 2070 GTX cards. It seems my problem started with Windows 8.

I was running the Windows insider builds, and this past week was prompted that my version would expire. So I began preparing to re-install. I began the install, and after the first reboot, it had the incorrect default drivers to put up a display. Last time this occured, I put in an old AMD Gfx card, and was able to complete the install. This time, no such luck. I can't boot from my USB install stick, or if I do, I can't see anything, or it's telling me there is no operating system on the drive, I can't get into safe mode, as the WinRE doesn't display either. I must say this is becoming a real PITA! It should not take a week to reinstall a working windows system. You'd think after 40+ years, of windows software, it would be smooth as butter these days. I'm really stuck. I can't even run a version of Ubuntu 9.1 from DVD. I've also tried a disc of my Win 10 System recovery. It reads from disc for a few seconds, and then nothing.

Some of the insider updates would render my video blank, and I would need to go into safe mode and re install proper video drivers to resolve, because Microsoft either over wrote them, or modified them incorrectly.

Can you tell I am frustrated? I've built all my computers, and this has just gone too far!

Can anyone offer help to get me back up and running with a fresh install?

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