Why is my Win 11 slower than Win 10?

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When I upgraded from Win 10 to Win 11 on my laptop, I noticed a significant decrease in performance. Tasks that used to be swift now take noticeably longer, and overall system responsiveness has decreased. From boot times to opening applications and navigating the interface. Despite my laptop meeting the system requirements for Win11, the transition has resulted in a frustrating experience where productivity is hampered by sluggish performance.


I'm seeking assistance to understand and potentially resolve this issue.

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Windows 11 has a new set of drivers, and some third-party drivers might not be compatible with the new operating system. This can cause issues with hardware performance, such as graphics cards, sound cards, or network adapters.
Windows 11 has much more system requirements than Windows 10. Those additional requirements are added features that run on background. That's why Windows 11 slower than Windows 10 on the same hardware.
It does not have much difference if the computer is with good hardware, such as CPU, RAM and SSD. However, Windows 11 is a bit slower for old computers.