UWP subsystem fails to initialize

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Sometimes, when I boot up my computer, the UWP subsystem completely fails to initialize


Observed behavior: My taskbar has no icons, not even the Start menu. UWP apps like Forza Horizons 5 or the Bluetooth settings menu fail to open up, saying "Class not registered". Win32 apps, such as Firefox or Explorer, work without issue


I sometimes can get the UWP subsystem to initialize if I reboot my computer a bunch of times. Sometimes I just give up and deal with it all day, only for my computer to magically work again the next day


Expected behavior: My computer works properly


I can't submit feedback through the Feedback Hub because the Feedback Hub is a UWP app


I can't reset my computer because the Settings menu is a UWP app!


This is ridiculous. If Microsoft is going to move the OS to UWP, then the UWP subsystem should NOT have these massive issued


I reinstalled Win11 yesterday morning. That fixed things... until I shut down my computer for the night. This morning the UWP subsystem is once again useless


If there's an easy way to reset my computer without using any UWP apps I'm all ears.. otherwise I'm going back to Win10. I can't use an OS that doesn't work properly half the time



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