USB Audio Codec recognized USB Turntable, but no sound at speakers

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My usb turntable is plugged into my Windows 11 computer.  The "Test your microphone" bar is moving so it's seeing the signal.  In the sound properties dialog box the "Microphone 2-USB Codec" Icon is enabled and it also shows that it's receiving signal because the green bar is moving like a sound VU meter.

The speakers are using "High Definition Audio Device" and are working for all other sound applications.

But for some reason, the input from the turntable via the USB CODEC is not being routed to the speakers 

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Found It!
In the Sound Properties dialog box select the Recording Tab. Right click on the Microphone USB CODEC item. Select Properties. A new dialog box pops up. Click the "Listen" tab. Click the "Listen to this device" check box and click Apply.