Upgrading Windows 11 Home to Windows 11 Pro

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At work I use Windows 11 Pro. My personal computer has Windows 11 Home. I am having trouble trying to work remotely from my home computer. Is it possible to buy an upgrade from Home to Professional?

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@jmotbey  Hi

Yes, of course, you can buy Windows11 Pro in the Microsoft store, as a private person, but it is best to contact the administrator in the enterprise - explain your problem and perhaps you will get a license on preferential terms, e.g. education in some countries this solution is very beneficial.

Activate Windows (microsoft.com)

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@jmotbey, you can upgrade from Windows 11 Home to Pro directly from Settings app > System > Activation. Under Activation, click on Open Store next to Upgrade in Microsoft app.


If your organization where you work have deployed Pro edition for your company employees, reach out to your IT admin to cross check and for instructions to upgrade.


In case if you got Pro edition product key, then you can use following video to upgrade yourself:

Hope this helps!

Thanks Kapril. This is where I am stuck at the moment. I followed your directions and found where to access the upgrade but because Windows 11 Home won't let me sign out of my peronal Microsoft account that was created when I bought the computer and into my Enterprise account I can't get the Microsoft website to acknowldge that I have a licence. I'll go back to our support and see if they are able to give me a product key to use.


UPDATE: Thankyou everyone for your responses. I have now discovered that I had been given the wrong information and that the contract that my employer has with Microsoft only covers the Office suite and not Windows.

Yes, you can buy a windows 10 Pro upgrade key from keyingo.com, then follow these steps :
Select Start > Settings > System > Activation.
Select Change product key, and then enter the 25-character Windows 11 Pro product key.
Select Next to start the upgrade to Windows 11 Pro.
During the upgrade ,it might need a few restart to complete the upgrade, all you need to do is wait patiently !

@jmotbey I have exactly the same problem. Were you able to solve it?


I have had issues with trying to use an Enterprise Microsoft account and a Personal Microsoft at the same time. All sorts of problems can happen with that.  If I were you I would create a second User on your personal laptop. So one login would be personal and the other would be for work.  Yep... just keep them separate.

Windows 11 Pro PC can access the windows 11 home PC remotely
but Windows 11 Home PC do not have the Remote desktop to access other computer , you need to upgrade windows 11 home to Pro, then you can access other PC

i am done that issue recentlly the customer have purchase new desktop windows 11 i am installing windows 10 but auto setup takes windows 10 Home and Single i am convert Home to Pro Done successfully.


you may need to check this on reddit : (Link removed by admin)

You can buy an upgrade key from Amazon Microsoft Store. It is 99.00 USD

[link removed by admin]

The Microsoft Store no longer offers the upgrade from Windows Home to Windows Professional ?
When you click on the link to access the store, it is not possible to make this purchase.
Is there a solution to do this upgrade?
Thank you

Contact Microsoft support team. They will send you instructions on how to upgrade from Home to Pro.