Tips & Tricks for better performance of Windows 11

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Minimum requirement for Windows 11 is 4GB RAM.

There are many PCs with 4GB RAM started getting Windows 11.

Most PCs with 4GB RAM are performing slow with Windows 11.

Whether common steps, registry level steps or any level, please let us know all possible tips & tricks for better performance of Windows 11 for low configuration computer.

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The minimum memory requirement of 4GB is just that, meaning you will need at a bare minimum of 4GB of RAM to install and have Windows 11 running. But an adjustment is required when you start to install applications and other processes that require more resources. 
To help improve performance, you can do a few things such as:
1. Turn off Visual Effects
2. Disable some startup apps
3. Tune some notifications
4. Activate Storage Sense
5. Use Performance Power Plan
Keep in mind that adjusting any built-in features may alter the end-user experience, so you will need to find your balance. 

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