Tile bar in program changes color and re-positions itself ?

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Hi, I have an issue with one program to which I use when the window is inactive; specifically when the display is powered off, then powered on again the menu bar changes color from it's default grey to white. And I'm wondering if it may be an issue with windows rather then program. 


The issue also is when one of my displays is powered off for hours, when it is powered on all the windows on this particular move to the other display. 


Not only is this one program tile bar changing color when the display is powered off, but also all the windows from the one display moved to the other window. I don't know what is causing this as the windows don't retain their position between displays. Which could be one for this one program I use the title bar changes color when the display is powered off for hours. It's strange, and I haven't been able to to figure out what is the cause of the issue ?



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