Taskbar hover over apps is not showing app title.

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When I hover over apps on the taskbar it no longer shows the name of the window on top. Is this normal? I've never seen this on anyone else's computer and it's bugging me.

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The title of the apps should be displayed when you hover them. This is important, especially when you have apps with multiple windows open. If you haven't done any changes to Windows 11 PC, I would start by checking with installed third-party customization apps. In most cases, these customization apps change the overall look and behavior on Windows 11.

If you haven't installed any third-party customization apps, you could restart your PC and check if that solves your issue.

@PrajwalDesaiI suppose I did have startallback awhile ago. Could it have changed something? I don't have it anymore.

@AllTheGoodNamesAreTaken I had the same issue! Solved it by installing StartAllBack and then disabling it.