Start menu "run command" doesn't pass parameters

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When I try to issue a command like "shutdown -r -t 1" from the start menu, I can briefly see a command prompt opening and issuing just "shutdown".


"-r -t 1" does not get passed onto the command prompt that opens. I reported this bug a while back in the Windows Insider program but nobody addressed it.


Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? Please see screenshots so you can understand what I'm trying to do:


Step 1. Issuing command in start menu

Issuing a command from Start MenuIssuing a command from Start Menu

Step 2. Screen recorded showing command prompt quickly opening and closing and running "shutdown" command but clearly without parameters 

Behavior of issuing "shutdown -s -t 1" in Start Menu resulting in the same end result as issuing without parametersBehavior of issuing "shutdown -s -t 1" in Start Menu resulting in the same end result as issuing without parameters


Comparison of "shutdown" output without parameters in a regular command prompt.

Behavior of issuing "shutdown" command without parameters in a regular promptBehavior of issuing "shutdown" command without parameters in a regular prompt

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Lol ... nobody cares about this... Am I the only person trying to run a terminal command from the start menu??

Not only, me too ;)

@Andy78 lol I literally don't get it... it's SO convenient to hit start, type a terminal command, and have it execute. Since windows 7 when they messed up the shutdown/restart menu, i've been hitting start and typing "shutdown -r -t 1" - which is faster than me having to find wherever they put the restart 10 clicks later... I can't do that anymore :( 

@IonCaza You are not alone.  However I did not have this issue until I upgraded to 22H2.  Using arguments on the start menu worked fine for me before.

I am having the same issue with Windows 11. Has anyone found a fix?

@Clarity honestly I don't think anyone really cares... I've asked this in Github too, I've sent bug reports while in beta.... not sure that anyone even reads these forums

With all the awful things in Windows 11 it's hard to pick a worst, but this one's top 5. And it's legitimately a bug and not intentional arbitrary badness like the rest. After you type, it says right there as the highlighted option: "command -with -arguments [Run Command]". That's what it explicitly says it's going to do. And it doesn't.
I prefer to run terminal commands from the start menu, but passing parameters (/arguments) doesn’t work. That really sucks because Windows would be so much more useful if that was possible.



Really really annoying I agree

Try this that works for me (as of Nov 2023)

Right click the start menu

Select 'run'


and old box (code from 1990 probably) appears:

'type the name of a program, folder.. bla bla bla'


now run your batch file with parameters


It should work


Or faster , type windows key + R

Same old box "Open" appears

Then run your batch file with parameters
Yea, kind of weird that it does state "Run command" from the Start menu with the full command above it, although only the first parameter gets passed.