Start menu context displaying small on second monitor.

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Here is a new one.  I have not found anything on the web like this.  I’m running Windows 11  Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621 on a Micro-Star Summit E15, i7 3GHz 16gig ram laptop.  I have multiple monitors connected via docking station.  My taskbar is full of apps pinned that it fills out the entire bar.  When I right click on the Start button, the context menu that gets displayed is placed on the monitor directly to the left, with the resolution so small you can barely read the menu options.  I am sure it has to do with the different resolution settings between the monitors. 

Another strange thing is that when I click on the Settings button, the Settings System window opens up and my search bar in the task bar disappears. Which moves the start button to the right quite a bit. Where I can right click on the Start menu and it displays fine.  I can work around this.  Its just annoying.

What’s the chances of getting the menu to display on the same monitor that the start button was right clicked on? 

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