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Hi, I just got a new computer running windows 11 and I can't turn off S mode. every time I try it brings up "something happened and we couldn't start the upgrade." I can't find anything online about it except for one video that has you open up cmd and \/.photo 1photo 1

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Make sure that the Microsoft Store itself is up to date:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store app.
  2. Click on Library in the bottom left corner.
  3. Click Get updates to see if there are any updates for the Store or its apps.

@wthigo Go to Settings > Apps > Microsoft Store, and check if the "Turn off S mode" button is available. If it's not, try updating the Windows Store app.

Make sure you're signed in with a Microsoft account, as this is required to switch out of S mode.

In the Microsoft Store, you'll see a page titled Switch out of S mode (or similar). Click on the Get button, then follow any on-screen instructions to confirm.
Disabling S mode will require a valid product key and will upgrade your Windows 11 installation to a full version of Windows. If you're using a device that's not eligible for a full version of Windows 11, you won't be able to disable S mode.

@wthigo Windows 11 - Can't switch out of S mode - Microsoft Community

According to this thread you are not the only user with this issue - copied from the thread - Fix 5 worked for me.


Fix 1: Start or Restart the Windows Update Service

Fix 2: Clear Microsoft Store Cache WSRESET.EXE

Fix 3: Repair or Reset the Store App

Fix 4: Create a New User Account

Fix 5: System > Recovery > Fix using windows update (might be under different wording)

Fix 6: Waiting 24-48 hrs