"Show all icons in system tray" option in windows11

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Hello there. Subject said that all. This option was available till windows10 in taskbar and start menu settings, but in windows11, I found a settings to enable notification icons one by one, and not all icons remain enabled at the time. How to do this (show all icons in system tray) in windows11?

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Right click your clock on your taskbar and choose "Customize notification icons".

A window will pop up. Select "Always show all icons and notifications in the taskbar" in the lower left corner.

Click "OK"!



Am I crazy? I right click on the taskbar and all I see is Task Manager (after the latest update) and Taskbar Settings. And like OP I can only do them one by one and when an app updates I have to add it again...
Same here....
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To always show all the Icons in the System Tray or Notification area of Windows 11/10, follow these steps:


1. Press Win+R to open the Run prompt.

2. Enter this value: explorer shell:::{05d7b0f4-2121-4eff-bf6b-ed3f69b894d9}
3. Tick the Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar checkbox.
4. Click the OK button.


Hope this helps everyone!

@haruncosovic Thank you! Been looking for this fix for months. :)

@haruncosovicThis didn't change anything. Some icons are still hidden. Do I need a restart?


You have to launch the shell as admin (shift click).

This seems to work but is not sticky after restarts.

Real man of genius! Ty so much. This is exactly the solution I was looking for!
Wao, o man, where were you hidden from 2020 since windows11 arrived? Thankyou very much


I just registered a profile to tell you, you are spare parts bud.

That method does not work.

I ran the prompt. I entered the value, I checked the box, the box had a blue check mark in it, I clicked the ok button, and my icons are still only partially visible. I've had so many problems with windows 11. This is the last change I need to make and it's not working. I guess I have to go in manually every time something changes and tell this piece of crap operating system to show each one individually. If I ever meet Bill Gates I will slap him like Will Smith slapped Chris Rock. As the police are taking me away I will scream out, "that's for not letting me automatically show all the icons on my taskbar in windows 11!!!"

@josh672 I am with you brother.  Microsoft: all about coulda, not shoulda.


I tried this and it worked.  However, later on in the day, it stopped working, I have to click on the arrow to see some icons.  When I went through  the process again, the Notifications Area Icons window still has a tick by the always show all icons but I cannot untick it or tick it again???
Have you got an ideas, please!

Yes same here

It is good to know I am not alone. Frustrating - let's hope somebody can help!

Well this is pretty frustrating to deal with and I'm glad to see that I'm far from alone. Unfortunately haruncosovic's "best response" does work but only works temporarily and in my experience only worked one time before not working at all again.

I think we should all send feedback to Microsoft about this issue and hopefully they'll take the hint if enough of us do it.

But yeah this isn't actually a solution and we really need Microsoft to just change this because I think we're far from the only people having this problem
Amazing, thank you. I reported this years ago during the first Windows 11 tests and they told me there were no plans to add it...
I tried the proposed solution but it didn't work.
In the meanwhile I found out that you can drag the icons outside the group and drop them directly on the taskbar!