Problem with bluetooth headphones

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Windows 11 definitely has an issue with Bluetooth headphones. 


Important note: once the connection has been established properly (please read the section Normal behaviour below) I don't have any connection interruptions, so this post is not about an unstable bluetooth connection at all.


How the issue looks like:

Bluetooth headphones are connected (screenshot 1), but they don't appear in Sound output (screenshot 2). So I don't hear anything from the headphones.


Expected and normal behaviour (when the issue doesn't happen):

1. I see them connected in Bluetooth devices.

2. I see them in the Sound output tray (Win + A -> Select a sound output).

3. I hear sound from headphones.


When it happens:

1. With approx 10% chance it can happen when I boot up my PC.

2. With approx 80% chance it happens when I send the PC to hibernation and switch the machine on again.


How I fix this:

Way 1. I remove Bluetooth device and pair it again. Works in approx 95% cases, sometimes I have to do it twice.

Way 2. I restart my PC. Works in 95%. Works in approx 95% cases, sometimes I have to do it twice.
Way 3. In bluetooth devices I click disconnect button and then connect. It works in approx 30% cases, so I don't use it.


Bluetooth headphones:

1. Huawei free buds Pro 1

2. Huawei free buds Pro 3

3. JBL 510 BT


What I tried:

1. System -> Troubleshoot -> Other troubleshooter -> Bluetooth

2. Checked if the bluetooth/Device trivers are up to date.

3. I have the latest Windows 11 update.

4. I have the latest updates in Intel & Driver Support Assistant  



I have at least two more bugs to report which have been in Windows 11 for years, it's just so disappointing that I have to spend my Saturday to report them.


For me It looks like the full Microsoft developers team use Macs whenever they out of the office. And they just unable to see all these annoying bugs for years simply because they don't use it. Thats the only explanation I have. 


Actually, this situation (when Microsoft doesn't want to fix bugs for years) is the best advertisement program of the Mac ecosystem I've ever seen. But I hope this post might help for other Windows users.1_connection_established.png2_sound_output.png

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Have you tried to set spatial sound to "Off"? Maybe there is a issue with the Dolby Atmos component. Sometimes I have the issue that my audio stops working and restarting the audio services solves this for me.

Hi @R____ 


Actually, I have this option always off. Setting the to "Dolby Atmos" was just the last try before making the screenshot. 

Having same issue Huawei free buds 3 and new laptop (dell) with win 11. with win 10 everything was OK. Have also tried 2 bluetooth dongles and issue was still same, once computer was recovered from hibernate or sleep, mic stopped working and playing music takes 30s. If  try disconnect and remove device, it ends with error.  After that restring PC ends with BSOD - it is easily and everytime reproducible 

Edit: as solution for me works restarting Bluetooth Support Service, then buds are immediately connected and mic is working




I have the same problem, but with JBL LIVE650BTNC headset and Jabra Elite 10 earbuds. The only thing which helps for me is to re-boot the PC.