OneNote Slow and Laggy

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I am on a surface studio laptop, and I am a frequent user of OneNote for taking notes and doing assignments that require writing. Recently, I have noticed that every time I use my pen to write something in OneNote, there is a couple-second period where the app stops responding and I am unable to move around on the page or select any options. I write notes with different colors of pen a lot so it is very frustrating that it lags whenever I try to choose my pen color. I do use pdf printouts in my notebooks a lot so I wonder if that is part of the reason? I have tried to turn off 

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What system is the problem with?

Is this OneNote for Windows10 or the new OneNote?

@A1 This is on OneNote for Windows 11, so I am assuming it is the new one. I am on a Surface Studio Laptop that was bought new last year. 


  So it's a great computer and the latest Windows.

Have you tried System Settings -> Apps & Features -> OneNote -. advanced settings-> Repair, are safe solutions.

I'd like to chime in as well, I noticed I'm having a similar issue, same laptop. It just started happening earlier this week (around Monday, 5/22). It's especially noticeable if I'm trying to erase something, and it takes multiple seconds for it to register the eraser, and even longer to actually start erasing the strokes.

Did an online repair of 365 through the Apps setting, didn't do anything.

This only occurs in OneNote, MS Whiteboard works fine, PDFs work fine.

Windows 11 Home, V 10.0.22621

Tried before and after update to .22621.1778, still the same issue.
Jumping on the train because this describes my experience exactly. I have a Surface Pro 8 with the latest Windows 11 updates (but not preview edition latest). Sometimes the wait cursor (light blue circle doughnut) appears when trying to erase and the background will freeze up, then it gets better. Also did an online repair of 365 because I could not find an instance of One Note by itself in my list of apps. It had this trouble about a year ago but seemed to resolve and was smooth sailing until recently, as noted above.



I've been having the same issue as well. At first I thought it was because I had an old Surface but I recently got the newest Surface with additional RAM as well, and am very frustrated with the OneNote performance with it "not responding" whenever I try to erase and then move the page, etc. Have you made any progress in resolving this?



Fingers crossed, it seems like creating a new notebook and moving or copying my notes has solved my issue.

My colleague suggested that there was an issue with my One Note notebook, as opposed to the application on my computer. My notebook is saved on my business account One Drive and I experienced the same freezing issue on a laptop with a 12th gen i9 processor, 64 GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA 3050 GPU, so the problem did not seem to be with either the local application or my computer.

I created two new notebooks, also on One Drive, one for archived notes and another for current notes. I moved all my sections and tabs to one or the other. Only my most recent page seems to be having sync issues or something, I will have to copy the text and handwriting directly instead of right-clicking and using "move or copy." After doing that and working out of the new notebook, everything is working as expected: no freezing and I can flip the pen around and erase right away.

It would be nice if the notebooks had self-healing properties, or a button to "repair" like there is in settings for apps. Short of that, creating a new notebook could do the trick. Good luck.
I was having this problem and saw another thread which suggested turning off the ease of access text cursor indicator. That fixed the problem for me.
Clearing the OneNote cache can sometimes resolve performance issues. Here's how to do it:
1.Close OneNote.
2.Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.
3.Type "%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneNote" (without quotes) and press Enter.
4.Delete all the folders and files in the OneNote folder.
5.Restart OneNote and see if the performance improves.
It works. Thanks for this