Multi-Monitor behavior when connecting to a dock

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I have a laptop I recently upgraded to Windows 11.  When I use it connected to a dock, I have two external monitors and my main monitor is one of the external monitors.


When I connected to the dock for the first time on Windows 10, all my open windows moved to the new main monitor.  Going forward, Windows remember the position of all my windows.  When I disconnected the dock, all the applications were moved to the laptop display.  When I reconnected to the dock, all my applications were moved back to the display they were on when I was last connected to the dock.


On Windows 11, all my windows remain on the laptop display when I connect to the dock.  I have many windows open so I have to move them all to the external monitor.  I have tried the settings for remembering window location but it does not change the behavior.


Is anyone else experiencing this?

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