Missing datachannel.dll

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when I try to install an app I get the error message


The code execution can not proceed because datachannel.dll was not found

What do I need to do?

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This could be an error that is specific to the application you are working with. One thing that can be a key to troubleshooting the issue is identifying where the messages are coming from. If you feel comfortable doing so, providing the name of the application you are trying to install could help the community to better understand the problem. Other factors you might consider including are if you are performing an upgrade from a previous version, if you recently uninstalled a similar program, and/or if you may have recently un/installed a different program prior to attempting the installation of the app in question. Sometimes error messages like this can occur if the file is being used. If you have an older version installed or attempted to uninstall an older version prior to the installation, you might try logging out and logging back in or doing a full restart (simpler). Sometimes applications can leave artifacts from their previous installs. It's always good to double check when doing an application upgrade that requires a previous version to be removed.
I purchased BitTorrent pro, I uninstalled BitTorrent classic and now I get the error Datachannel.DLL could not be found and cannot install. I'm not sure whether I should have uninstalled the free classic version or not but cannot reinstall it either
Unfortunately, BitTorrent is known to be used heavily to download illegal media, and as such has become a common gateway for viruses. That said, the file might still be in use by a background service which BitTorrent uses to monitor the file system. Worst case scenario you might be dealing with a virus or root kit. I would advise you run a virus scanner, or if you don't already have one installed, consider having your system serviced by a professional and let them know you suspect a virus.

@Cid_Barberryi have norton 360 and lifelock. No virus found 

No virus found

just reinstall utorrent or bittorrent and when you install it you will get the missing datachannel.dll back and in utorrents new versions its named this now bt_datachannel.dll in the newer version

Nope. I've tried it about 6 times now and keep getting the same message. Even turned off Norton and it is still missing.

Running into the same issues. Have uninstalled and attempted to reinstall numerous times only to get the same message. 



So, I'm having the exact same issue, only it's telling me that bt_datachannel.dll was not found. I have scanned the file (utorrent_installer.exe) with Norton 360, restarted my PC (several times), tried re-downloading the file from the official uTorrent site (where I got the original file from), all with no luck.

Has anyone else had this problem, and does anybody have an answer???

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I also have the same problem - not found a solution yet but will keep trying.

I have spoken with Norton and McAfee both because of this. Blocking torrent down loaders and similar programs is a known issue for both services. They consider blocking peer to peer file programs to be a "feature" and have no plans to correct the issue.

hi try this, download "bt_datachannel.dll"  file from this site https://www.dll-files.com which is legit by the way and extract then copy paste file to your os installed disk> windows>system 32, then restart the computer try install torrent again, hope this might help you...@mattmcfangibson