Microsoft Store on Win 11 Pro just started failing updates with the same old error message

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Someone out there must know how to fix this. Any help much appreciated, thank you. I successfully updated Apple iTunes on the MS Store 2 days ago. Today the store says an update is available (I don't believe this is correct). When I attempt to update the app I get the infamous "Something happened at our end" error message (more details = "There has been an error" code 0x80070005).


I used to see this frequently on the Win 10 store. Nothing I do can fix it. I have of course reset the store app, run "wsreset", logged out-and-in, rebooted, etc. "chkdsk" and "sfc /scannow" both report no errors.


I deleted the (perfectly working) iTunes app band now cannot reinstall. Fortunately I have a backup from 2 days ago.


What is this error code? MS seems to use this code for almost everything (rendering it useless IMO).


The MS Store downloads the entire app every time I retry, and just fails during installation on my disk. So it must be a corrupted/changed permission setting or similar, that prevents installation.


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Hi, I suggest you check the Defender firewall (add allowed application) if you have enabled limited access to the folder.

of course, a third-party antivirus can also block the installation



Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Yes, I only have MS Defender and I also checked the permissions of the relevant Store package folders.


I did find a solution to what may be an Apple iTunes issue: I noticed that the version of iTunes was not in fact the latest (ie. MS Store failed to ever update it). I restored my partition back to 3 March (before the iTunes and massive MS patch updates). I then ran "repair" on the old iTunes, then updated it in MS Store; this took 2 attempts but now the issue seems resolved.


Thanks again and regards. M