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Lagging / Stuttering Mouse Cursor?

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Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this, wasn't sure where to post and after hours of searching forums, reddit, blogs etc. I've not yet been able to find a solution to this.

I recently upgraded from Windows 10 to 11. I did a complete system format before hand, so a completely fresh installation.


I'm encountering a strange problem that is really quite annoying and interfering a lot with my work.


When moving my mouse (wireless G305), the cursor on the screen often lags on the screen. Like, a stuttering as if the machine is freezing a bit and the mouse is lagging.


It occurs randomly and can last for up to 20-30 seconds then it goes away again, only to return randomly later on.


I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary at the time. It happens when there is one program open (could be anything, browser, notepad etc.) or when playing a game.


Everything else is working fine.


I read something about the Windows 11 Windows Transparency setting causing a similar issue to this on another post some weeks ago - I turned that off and its not made a difference.


I am using the latest updates for Windows 11. I have the latest drivers for my mouse (and latest software from Logitech). Latest GPU drivers etc. I have also tried a wired mouse.


Any help would be really appreciated.

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This is so frustrating! Just bought a laptop ( Dell G15 5511 ) with Windows 11. Every single peripheral suddenly began stuttering after playing a game ( Witcher 2 ), and didn't ever come back to work fine.
Bluetooth headphones ( WH-1000XM3 ), Mouse and keyboard ( Logitech MK850 combo ) stuttle for some miliseconds, which is terrible for games since I can't even press w key continuously for walking without having to press it again and again!!!!

All of them work fine on a different computer.
* Reboots didn't fix
* Updating Drivers didn't fix
* Updating OS didn't fix
* moving USB stick to a different port didn't fix!

It's so frustrating I'm even considering returning the laptop to the manufacturer, though I truly believe it's an OS issue.
@Grimnir, if you have any updates about your issue, please let me know.

I got the same problem on my Logitech mx anywhere 3
Try open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and report this issue.
Try performing Clean Boot and see if the problem persists?
Have a look at:
If the problem has been fixed, then enable services one by one to identify which one caused the problem.