is there any pathway to make suggestions?

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the lack of labels on taskbars and other legacy feartures such as mouse pad disable when a mounse is pluded in is crippling. I never Labels that in the past and I after looking around know i am not the only one who finds these and icon soup on start menu practically befuddling. Allow us to have back to the windows 10 start bar? it was simple in it's elegance. I just want an operating system not an iphone, I am not stick to win 11 for it's "features" I stick to it for stability  via patching operation system patches but this is having me contemplate linux as a .net programmer. I am aware of the 3rd party hackjob software. You guys had a good thing, is someone one the wrong side of the balmer curve. no disrespect but when I started working recently I notice I had to disable my mouse pad so I could type proper without it randomly placed my pad.

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