Internet super unstable and Internet diagnostic tool on windows 11 gone?

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So recently i have started getting progressively more and more internet issues starting with download and upload speeds being a little unstable and internet occasionally dropping for a second or so. It was manageable for the most part as the worst i saw were browsers feeling a bit slow and sluggish and the internet drops i mentioned before. 

Today it became far far worse and despite claiming my download speed is around 800 mbps and upload 38 mbps as i pay for "up to 1gbps" download and "up to 50 mbps" upload both chrome and firefox are still intensely slow and unstable. But this is not why i am making this post as someone from my isp is coming on tuesday and if even then it is still this bad i'l make another post looking for help with that.


I had help setting up this pc from someone including getting rid of a lot of what i was told is bloatware which seemed fine to me as i have heard that this is a bit of an issue with windows 11. But now i am thinking that among what was removed was also the diagnostics tool because when i click on "diagnose network problems" The bellow image is what it tells me.





Is there a way to get this diagnostics tool back or is there a tool for people who are bad with computers that can do the same thing?

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Try open start and search for cmd or command prompt and run it as administrator and then type the following command:

sfc /scannow

Let it runs and see if it could find and fix issue and then run troubleshooter again.
You may also check System Restore and see if there is any restore point to go back to the time before this problem start.


First, restart your computer , open the Microsoft Store app, download the updates, then check for updates for Windows, these are the simple steps that should help :)