Icons not showing in taskbar on secondary display

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Only the Windows, Search, Desktop, Widgets, and Chat Icons are appearing in the taskbar on my second display. The lines underneath icons of apps that are open are showing and I can click on the "invisible" icons to open the apps. It seems to be a visual issue rather than a functional issue.

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Hi @PotatoFury,

For the above issue, you need to configure the taskbar settings by pressing Win + I

Go to the following location:
Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar Behaviors 
Check the option, Show my taskbar on all displays as shown in screenshot attached.

Taskbar icons in secondary displayTaskbar icons in secondary display

@SalmanAhmed Thank you so much. For some reason, the issue fixed itself about 30 seconds after I posted this, but I will keep this in mind if this happens again.

Hi @PotatoFury 

You're most welcome!
I'm glad to hear that the above issue resolved for you. 
Thanks for the feedback.